Lowongan Kerja Hari Ini Mafaza Designs Juli Agustus 2011 Yogyakarta

Lowongan Kerja Hari Ini Mafaza Designs DESIGN GRAFIS di Yogyakarta
15 Jul 2011 - 14 Aug 2011
Company name
Mafaza Designs

Human Resources Management/Consultancy

Career Level.                      Senior Staff
Occupation.                        Design
Position.                             GRAPHIC DESIGN
Work Location.                  Yogyakarta
Working Time.                    Full Time
Education Levels.                SMK
Age.                                      -
Work Experience (years).      1
Gender.                             not preferred
Salary on offer.                  negotiable

Job description
It takes 10 employees to staff positions as GRAPHIC DESIGN.

-SMU / K
- EXPERT Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (CS or later), Coreldraw
be great if the master is also a 3D Max and Flash.
- Having a portfolio with a good quality design,
includes design for print (logos, stationary design, brochures, etc).
- Diploma and experience not required. New graduates acceptable. Assessment is more emphasis on design quality of the existing portfolio and interview and test results skill test.
- Creative, not easily discouraged, willing and able to work under pressure, able to work the target system, disciplined, loyal, honest, responsible
- Willing to work overtime if necessary.
- Want to test for an interview, and test expertise (schedule will be determined later)
- Want to follow the two-month trial period before being accepted at the company.
- Preferred domicile in Yogyakarta.
- Having a sketch skill manual (the manual drawing hand) are preferred

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Mafaza Designs
E-mail : vahry04@yahoo.com
By : Lowongan Kerja Hari Ini
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